Thursday, April 17, 2008

"Bucking" the recession

…Joe Stumpe of the McClatchy papers says don’t overlook the Dollar Store when grocery shopping.

…Don’t know about you, but since January HA’s $50 has bought $35 worth of grub at the Multi-Dollar Store.

…The Dollar Store is not all weird Chinese chocolate and half-opened boxes of tea you never heard of.

…Some people think Dollar Stores are only for staples, Stumpe writes. But he found sun-dried tomatoes and other gourmet-type items.

…Dollar Stores are also seen as the last refuge of expired products. He checked. Nope. Still OK.

…Are they selling only off brands? Some are regional brands, some from other countries. He tried some, though, not bad.

…The foreign brands probably also come from mainline supermarkets. Like Barilla—from another country, but you have heard of it.

…The problem with dollar stores is that a lot costs more than a dollar or even at a dollar, is not a good deal.

…HA’s problem with Dollar Stores, actually, is that you feel free to buy a ton of random stuff and it can run up a big tab.

….But what do ya think? Worth a gander?

…They sell goose?

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