Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Finally--you know beans

…According to an AP story HA saw, Ken Albala, author of Beans: A History, has the key to our recession dining.

…Beans are, technically, legumes—and peanuts despite the word “nut” in there, are legumes, or a bean, not a nut. How about a bean butter and J?

…Licorice, tamarind, fenugreek, jicama, and carob—also in the bean family.

…When the Romans shipped a fragile obelisk across the Med, they packed it in lentils. Yes, now we use packing peanuts…weird, huh, because as we know, peanuts are not nuts. They must have been out of Styrofoam lentils.

…Zolfino beans from Tuscany cost $20 a lb, which explains why HA has never seen or heard of one.

…Coffee beans? Got ya! Not beans! On the bush, in fact, they are called cherries.

…The name for winged beans, Psophocarpus tetragonolobus, means four-sided noisy fruit…

…No, not the musical fruit thing (as much charm as that still retains)…these beans make a POP when they open.

…Now, isn’t that an entertaining entrée? One question, though—are chick peas peas?

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