Friday, April 18, 2008

Kids eat the darnedest trinkets

…HA read today that ER docs now push a penny down a kid’s throat instead of some heroic effort to pluck it out.

…Yes, to kids, the mouth is just another way to “check something out.” Looking at it is not enough—does it fit in the mouth…hmmm…check…

...But sometimes, that’s “choke” not check.

…Writing about this in the AZ Republic (Apr 1, 2008), Connie Midey says sometimes an “ear” check is also needed…Does it fit…Wahhhhh.

…The key to preventing a tragedy instead of an expensive, tedious, scary ER run is for parents to notice. But kids have sharp eyes and will notice you putting down a thumbtack and because they practice by picking up individual Cheerios (baby soul food), they can grab a small object in a hot second.

…One kid chewed a ballpoint and the metal clip wedged behind a tooth—a dentist was called in.

…One doc took a picture of a coin inside a kid for the family album. HA will never be a scrapbooker!

…If the item is smooth and under two inches it can work through the kid in the normal way.

…Batteries, however, must be removed. And magnets, if there is more than one—they may find each other and create an obstruction.

..Nuts in the lungs, beans up the nose—can cause infections.

…One doctor wrote: "Please teach your child not to stick things in his nose.”

…Thanks, doc, would not have thought of that.

…Learn the Heimlich maneuver if you want to do something useful. And don’t buy toys with tons of tiny parts. An older child may love them, but the little ones are eyeing them every second.

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