Monday, April 07, 2008

Let's shoot all the fat people

…Grrr, HA is on the warpath. Tara Parker-Pope, on her fun blog at the NYT, has had a week-long thread, which I hope stays up, about whether women face worse discrimination for weight than men do.

…The url is:

…More than 200 people (ahem, several way more than once) commented. Some of the comments were hateful, almost panicked, at the idea that The Fat should be allowed to walk the earth, much less ever sit on a plane near their exalted selves or shop in a grocery store.

….The picture used was one of those unflattering faceless shots of a woman of size (loading groceries into her car, no less), and this also elicited some comments on how the issue was being pitched.

…Everyone thinks they have figured out the formula—eat less, exercise more—why the heck doesn’t everyone do it!? Easy-peasy.

…Someone had a trim girlfriend—all women should be like that, he noted. Another, a medical doctor, said, “Sex sells.” This was supposed to explain why supposedly unsexy people should be shunned.

…Someone else said discrimination was a social good—it would make people lose weight.

…Well, catch up, the “normal” is now changing, for a number of reasons. Of course, this is called an epidemic—like a hideous disease.

..Maybe it is—the theory about a adenovirus is still being researched by scientists with real advanced degrees.

….Anyhow, HA was pretty disturbed to see the reservoir of hatred and meanness out there. It’s not justified by anything, much less science and research.

…Someone wrote: Eat two salads a day, end of problem. Someone should write a book.


twobuyfour said...

It's easy to hate what you fear. If our society has told us since birth that we must be thin to be righteous, and to be fat is to be slovenly, unhealthy, unsexy, have no self esteem, and no self control, then it's easy to fear falling into that abyss. Because we fear so much becoming all the things that are "bad" in society, we hate those who fall prey to the advertisers; selling us sugar, processed foods, comfy chairs, jumbo-sized soda, relaxed fit jeans.

Sorry - you found my soap-box. Our society pushes us all inexorably in two opposite directions at the same time. Madison Avenue wants us to be fat and slovenly. Hollywood wants us to revere thin. We are all stuck in the middle, and it's an expanding middle, too.

Star Lawrence said...

LOL. Yup...I used to have a fantasy in which all the snooty skinnies (I can name call, too) woke up hugely fat. Hah!'s sort of happening. I better quit dreaming. You folks have no idea what my next one is...

I almost posted on Tara's blog that heavier people are better in bed. I believe that. The oral orientation. But I didn't. Why get those sermonizing guys all excited?

Anonymous said...

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