Monday, April 21, 2008

Mud, glorious goo

…HealthDay reporter Alan Mozes (Apr 6, 2008) writes about dirt.

…Dirt can kill microbes.

…Ever seen those movies about native cultures that slap on the mud—this is along those lines.

…Scientists have found exotic germ killers in mud that can kill even the dreaded methicillin-resistant staph (MRSA).

…HA remembers slapping mud on wasp and bee stings as a kid.

…An Arizona State scientist has analyzed clay and mud samples from all over the world. Three clays have been identified as therapeutic.

…MRSA, for instance, starts out on the skin—the idea is that this mud will keep it from getting in the bloodstream.

…No, you can’t drag in some mud from the backyard. This is science! Just any old mud can be full or arsenic or mercury.

…Those mud facial packs? Anything?



Anonymous said...

Some have been known to eat the stuff.

In particular, there is a area of North Carolina, just over the border from Virginia Beach, where the clay is well known as a delicacy. Often times, expectant mothers would have the hankerin' for a hunk, and dispatch a child to go and fetch some.

So it's good inside the body, too.

Star Lawrence said...

This urge is called pica. It can mask malnutrition... Someone else told me today about French Green Clay--you can buy it at organic stores--facial mask when mixed with lemon juice. Don't make cookies or anything with it, though.