Friday, April 25, 2008

No, you won't have a monkey

…You know how HA feels about offbeat research (“weirdass” she calls it), but the Brits have come up with some tantalizing findings that what a woman eats prior to getting pregnant could influence the gender of the child.

…Eating breakfast, eating well, and noshing on potassium-rich foods such as bananas seem to influence the chance of a boy.

…This is not proof—just tantalizing, as HA said. Scientists have learned that embryos fertilized in a dish tend to live longer in nutrient-rich solutions.

…The research was done at the Univ of Exeter. Male embryos don’t last long in low-sugar solutions, she says. Skipping meals can mean low blood sugar and maybe sugar in the reproductive tract…so…ergo...

…The researchers looked at 700 women who didn’t know the baby’s gender and asked about their eating habits the year before conception.

…The ones who ate the most calories (within limits) had a boy 56% of the time. The lowest intake eaters had boys only 45% of the time.

…Obviously, once the egg joins the sperm, the gender is set. This eating and nutrient approach applies to making a certain atmosphere in there conducive to an X or Y sperm reaching the egg.

…Wait—didn’t the old wives (them again!) say to eat bananas if you want a boy?

…Ahead of us again! Good one, gals.

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