Monday, April 28, 2008

Positively medicinal

…HA’s liquor budget has been slashed to zip by this recession thing. First thing to go! And right when she needed it most.

….Julia Reed writes in Newsweek (Apr 28, 2008) of the joys of Gin & Tonic.

…Since a regrettable overindulgence in the piny one, gin, in collitch, HA has been a vodka girl, but the principle applies.

…Summer is time for light spritzy delicious libations!

…Reed points out that G&T drinkers tend to wear Guccis with no socks and thus would not be her ideal drinking companions.

…But—she adds—gin and tonic still rules. Don’t judge it by the company it keeps.

…Gin is almost a health food—juniper berries, coriander sometimes, cardamom, sometimes lemon and Seville orange rind…cheers!

…Gin really kicked off in Holland in the Wayback—it was invented by a doctor, so see…healthy.

….It derived its name, Reed says, from Essence of Genievre (juniper in Dutch).

…When it got to the colonies, even the Quakers tossed it back after funerals.

…The tonic was a way to get quinine, the only effective therapy for malaria until recent times.

…The citrus wedge? To fight scurvy, of course.

…Churchill once said, “The gin & tonic has saved more Englishmen’s lives, and minds, than all the doctors in the Empire.”

…He was a purist, though, Churchill. When FDR’s cousin served him a Tom Collins (sugar added), he spat it out. (He was quite the house guest.)

…Wonder if he ever regretted that. Probably not.

…You just have to have standards.

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