Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sheriously, ossifer

…Richard Ruelas, Arizona Republic, Apr 9, 2008, writes about our new drunk driving law—it’s tough.

….First-time offenders have a breath machine installed in their car for a year. You have to breathe alcohol-free to start the car.

…One of the first six people to get nailed, a woman who had had 1.5 beers, had to pay $75 a month to lease the machine. Even if she blows alcohol-free, the machine requires a retest while she is driving. She tries to pull off the road so people won’t see.

…This has caused her to stop drinking. She says she had never drunk that much to begin with. She blew a 0.08, the limit in AZ. She plead guilty to being under the influence “to the slightest degree,” apparently a legal term.

…She has to leave music off to hear the thing beep asking for a periodic test.

…The legislators say people are mad at them for passing the law, that they were just trying to make people think.

…Restaurant owers say they are getting hurt, though. People order a glass of wine instead of a bottle. Really double-dog responsible people stay home.

…Real estate agents say if someone in their family had to have this it would hurt them when prospects get in the car.

…Is this all a good thing or a mixed bag? Guess it would depend on whether you drink or whether you have had someone hurt or killed by a drunk driver.

…Also on that retesting thing while on the road—isn’t that like using a cellpphone—potentially a fatal distraction?

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