Thursday, April 03, 2008

Shoulder shudders

…HA once pulled or crunched or did something most unfortunate to her shoulder—and it was nine months of waking up every time she turned over in bed and of having to revisualize how to fasten her bra (settle down) in front and pull it to the back. That last is not easy for a person with a compromised spatial sense (klutz to you).

…Leading sports orthopedist Kevin Plancher, MD, explains that the shoulder actually has three major joints and rotates in a circle, making it inherently unstable. This makes shoulder injuries the most common injury among professional and weekend athletes.

…Some tips for avoiding some big ow-ee? First, Plancher advises, act your age. Maybe certain motions didn’t hurt when you were a kid, but you’re not anymore. High reps, low weight.

…Concentrate on muscle groups, not individual muscles. Trying to get huge lats or biceps…bad idea. Do chest press or back row.

…Hire a pro if you (like HA) don’t know what those are. Get regimes from your doctor and then work them out with the trainer. Never lock out or lock in but rather work in mid-range (ask the trainer).

…Warm up and build up. Don’t use weights that are too heavy even if you are in good shape. If you are new to weight training, use a weight you can lift 8-12 times, then increase by 2% (and no more than 10%).

…Keep your hands where you can see them. Skip behind-the-head moves (oh, this rings a bell—this may be how HA got creamed). When doing bench presses or flys (trainer!), don’t let your hands drop beneath your shoulders. With a cardio machine like a stairstepper or elliptical, keep your hands lightly on the rails. If your elbows are locked, those shoulders will be screaming really soon.

…Even if you don’t wear a bra, you will be hatin’ life.

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