Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Well-rounded? Combo plate

…Don Henninger, publisher of the Phoenix version of the Business Journal (Apr 11, 2008), says the Qdoba Mexican Grill here asked the Smell and Taste Treatment Center and Research Foundation in Chicago to see if certain Mexican delights synched with personality traits.

…The Foundation asked 2,500 people from age 21-70 in 11 cities, and here is what’s what.

…People who eat tacos are conscientious and ideal workers, meaning directable. They will even sacrifice time with family and friends for work.

…Quesadillas. These people are dependable, more loyal followers than leaders.

…Chips and salsa. Aggressive, natural leaders.

…Burritos. Drama queens. Love being the center of attention.

…Taco salad. Well-adjusted, make ideal friends.

…Nachos. Quiet and shy. Self-sufficient.

..Henninger says we would all do well to test this out—eat Mexican with friends a lot!

…Pretty smart guy.

…HA orders in. People who do that are lazy.


Anonymous said...

What about people who eat Sopaipillas? Are they exceedingly clean?

Star Lawrence said...

Clean...hmmm...I would say, sweet tooth...where are ya coming up with clean...clean your plate?

Anonymous said...

Would it make more sense spelled Soap-aipillas?

Star Lawrence said...