Tuesday, April 01, 2008

You're a parent forever

…Ever heard the expression: “Insanity is contagious—you get it from your kids.”

…HA’s kid is well beyond her majority, but most parents know this job does not end in 18 years.

…Chuck Moorman and Thomas Haller wrote Teaching the Attraction Principle to Children: Practical Strategies for Parents and Teacher to Help Children Manifest a Better World. HA could help them manifest a shorter title, but there are some worthwhile tidbits in this.

…They talk about (cute) uncluttering your parenting.

…Realize the old tools—yelling, shaming, scolding, inducing guilt, and bribing--aren’t working. You still read this, didn’t you? They aren’t working.

…Using power invites a power struggle.

…Eliminate judgment, it only keeps you from seeing your children clearly. If you see your kid as uncaring, you won’t see the caring moments.

…Be out of your mind. Don’t overanalyze. Clear your mind of incessant chatter. Forget, “My parents did this to me and I turned out all right.” Instead, follow your intuition.

…Appreciate the moment. When you and your kids are together, throw out thoughts of the future and past.

…Reawaken your curiosity. Forget your same old expectations—try to see why the kid is doing something.

…Cut down on talking. Cut the moralizing. Hear rather than tell.

…Apologize and begin again.

….There is more than one truth. Allow your children to find theirs.

…Try to see every parenting situation differently than you currently do.

…This could work with bosses and friends, too. The old tools aren’t working…repeat after HA.

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