Friday, May 02, 2008

3/4s of American woman have skewed eating habits

…Sixty-five percent of American women between 25 and 45 self-report disordered
eating behavior, according to UNC and SELF Magazine. Don’t consider SELF magazine the scientific power house of the year? OK, consider the source. Some scientists also scorn self-reporting, but unless you follow people around that is how data of this sort is collected.

…Another 10% reported anorexia, bulimia, and binging.

…The Univ of NC profs said this cut across racial and ethnic lines, meaning Hispanic, black, white, Asian.

…The docs said they found the self-reported purging the most surprising—more than 31% of the women reporting said they had induced vomiting. Half of these engaged in it a few times a week and many did it everyday.

…The editor of SELF said this would help readers decide if their own habits were disordered.

…And it wasn’t just young people. Those in their 40s reported behaviors at the same rate.

…The survey was online and involved 4,023 women.

…Almost 39% said they let worries over what they ate or weigh interfere with happiness.

…27% said they would be “extremely upset” if they gained 5 lbs.

…More than a quarter never ate entire food groups.

…16% have dieted at 1000 cals or fewer.

…The researchers said banishing carbs, skipping meals, and low-cal diets are signs of disordered eating.

…See how you compare. Go to

…For more info on the UNC program, go to

…You know some of those newscasters, OK, the one married to Alan Greenspan, you could cut your self on those collarbones.

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