Friday, May 16, 2008

Ahhh, comfy

…HA apologizes for once talking about Crocs. When the president had some on with socks, those were over.

…Erica Sagon, in the AZ Republic, May 14, 2008, does talk about Crocs of sorts in a story on what shoes are good for hot summer days. “The You” is a Crocs version that looks like a flat instead of a Jellie on ‘roids.

…For people with neuroma or foot pain, burning, tingling or numbness, think Taryn Rose. Spendy!

…Bunions? You need a wide shoe—how about the Foy by Born.

…Heel pain sucks, HA has had it. The “Air Aidan” satin ballet flat with Nike technology may be the ticket.

…If your feet swell, and heck, whose don’t, look at city sneakers by Naturalizer.

…And HA’s standby and favorite, which gets tons of comps everywhere: The rope sandal from Ozark Sandals.

….Ah, summer. The best! Even in AZ.

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tom said...

Wow…nice design!! Those shoes looks really very comfortable.