Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bee careful

…HA likes bees. She is going to write a screenplay she dreamed about a bee. Seinfeld’s bee movie bombed, right?

…The bees are getting sick of some crap fungus or something and there may not be enough to pollinate all our food—so don’t kill bees.

…Run from bees. Nineteen people have been attacked so far out here this year.

…Is it those crabby African bees? No one seems to know.

…But out here in AZ, anyhow, the bees are getting cranky. If you have a colony, don’t try to remove it yourself.

…A colony can be nice and docile one day, according to a story by Amy Brooks in the AZ Republic May 26, 2008), and on the warpath the next.

…First a few bees will bounce off you, then one stings, and that sting is like a signal—go get him!

…Good news: You can survive up to 300 stings.

…Watch for bees coming in and out of cracks in walls, electrical boxes or other places.

…Clean debris away.

…Don’t wear citrus or floral scents while hiking.

…If you do see some teed-off bees, run to the nearest shelter. Put cloth over your face. Seek medical attention if it’s 15 stings or more.

…Do not wave your arms around, jump in water, or wait to get your stuff. Run!

…Oh, and some rattlesnakes have extra bad venom for some reason…want to hear about that one? HA has lots of these.

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