Monday, May 05, 2008


…CRS—can’t remember …er, shinola…Is there no end to the fun of aging?

…Good old Georgia Tech, which HA has written about before, has invented a necklace that can tell if you’ve swallowed your pills.

…Ever had the experience of taking a certain pill everyday and then wondering if you took it—say around 11 am? Hmmm, standing at the counter, the yellow bottle…gosh, just like every other day.

…This thing, the MagneTrace (who thought that up—they need a namer, namely HA) relies on tiny magnets, Newsweek says (May 5, 2008). These magnets proposed to be included in pills pass through your sytem but can also trigger a sensor in a necklace.

…Now, that’s attractive. It looks like a dog collar. But not in a good way.

…The sensor then connects wirelessly to a device that the patient carries. That device transmits to a caregiver.

…The system will soon be tested on dogs.

…Dogs..they are pill heads?

…Of course, the inventors will also have to get FDA approval. And get the pill people to put the distinctive magnets inside pills.

…The latter may work out—if pill makers can be persuaded that not missing a dose because of your darling dog collar will sell more pills.

…Sounds kind of complicated. How about training the dog to remind you?

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