Friday, May 23, 2008

Does that nail stuff smell strong to you?

...Vietnamese women seem to have cornered the market on fake nails.

…They work long hours around solvents, plasticizers, resins and acids—many of which are known cancer-causers or endocrine disrupters.

…In California, there are 35,000 nail salons. Researchers from the Northern California Cancer Center and Asian Health Services of Oakland surveyed 201 workers in 74 salons.

…A majority of the workers had health concerns from exposure to the workplace chemicals. These were basically skin and eye irritation, breathing difficulties, and headaches.

…Further investigation into links to breast cancer are needed, the scientists said.

…Since these workers are immigrants and often do not have good English skills, how aware are they of the dangers. Do they have a choice of other careers?

...Does OSHA have a role?

…HA has seen pregnant women working with these chemicals! Little drying fans even blow the stuff around.

…As a customer, you have less exposure, obviously. Does your nail applier wear a mask? Would that even do any good?

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