Thursday, May 22, 2008

Let's hear it for bare feet!

…HA’s kid asked her the other day: “So you’re never wearing shoes again when you come out here?” HA was messing around with the koi pond on hot rocks and deck boards with no shoes.

…Her answer: “Nah.”

…The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons would probably freak if they could see how HA lives. Of course, it has a downside—You can step in cat vomit, or if little kids are around, get a screechy case of “toy foot.”

…But even the Surgeons say summer would not be the same without going barefoot. So there!

…You need sand between your toes, they say, or cool grass under your feet, waves lapping at your toes.

…If you get a puncture, see a doc, though, they say—within 24 hrs. Stuff can fester under the skin.

…Make sure you have a current tetanus vaccination (every 10 years, is it?). HA does not. And her doc won’t give a shingles shot, either, without HA signing over the house.

…Put sunscreen on the top of your feet or even the bottoms. Deadly cancers can hide there.

…Check out your feet and the kids’ feet for warts, calluses, ingrown toenails, and moles, spots or freckles.

…Wear flipflops around pools and lock rooms.

…Use common sense. Nuts! Common sense! Don’t mow the lawn while barefoot. Don’t step on fireworks or hot coals. Don’t wade into murky water.

…People with diabetes—you should never go barefoot.

…For more skinny, go to

…Now, what to do when you set off for the mailbox barefoot, get halfway down the driveway and realize it’s SMOKING, SIZZLING, SCREAMING-ASS HOT!?

…Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

when your feet get hot, do a quick mental survey: is it faster to get the mail and go back, or just to go back?

my feet are spoiled. for me, it's foot coverings of one sort or another. but my sister doesn't care. let the asphalt burn HER feet!

Star Lawrence said...

I am the sister! Or like her. Yes, the problem is when you get halfway there...eek. My mailman Anthony is such a sweetie he sees me oo-ing and ah--ing and brings the mail to me halfway.