Thursday, May 08, 2008

Like all good things, exercise can hurt

…Ann Cairns (WSJ, May3-4, 2008) writes that boomers are taking the exercise thing too seriously.

…Some are.

…HA is not one.

…But she digresses.

…Anyhow, to try to stave off aging, some boomers are whipping into exercise routines that are straining their joints and landing them in the doc’s office.

…Nicholas DiNubile, MD, author and consultant to the 76ers and the Pennsylvania Ballet, says boomers tend to get it itis-es. The one he hates in not arthritis or bursitis—-but fix-me-it is. Your frame is not designed to live as long as you will, he says.

…Most of these pains are manageable if not fixable. Much is preventable.

…Everyone has a weak area—maybe a rotator cuff or knee. Around age 40, everything changes. The tendons become less elastic, he told Cairns.

…First, you need to ID your weak spot.

…If you can’t repair or toughen the weak spot, maybe you can work around it.

…For every extra pound, your knee feels seven pounds. Lose 10 pounds, your knee thinks it’s 70 lbs.

…Swimming can be good—unless your issues involve the rotator cuff. For women wanting bone strength from exercise--swimming is not the answer.

…No one activity helps everything. You can run and be thin, but then you may have a weak upper body.

…Often, too, people read about new medical technology and think: “Heck, they can fix me.”

…Look out for knife-happy advice, he adds.

…HA says pop a Tylenol or Ibu and move on. Carefully.

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