Friday, May 30, 2008

Little angel kisses

…Freckles. HA’s dad had red hair, so she and her kid have some freckles.

…Rebecca Mead writes about the fetching spots in Allure. Anne of Green Gables, though fictional, apparently had a passel of them setting her apart.

…Usually, freckles are not as welcome as, say, a cleft chin, or dimples.

…Because these melanin-rich spots are kind of “tan,” people think you are of "lower" stature, at best, lacking in the parasol dept.

…Yet, Katharine Hepburn was once described as a collection of fine bones held together by freckles. People thought she was cool, right?

…Yet, Julianne Moore doesn’t love hers. Too much time in the makeup chair, probably.

…Medically, freckles are called ephelides. All races can get them, but the light-skinned tend to be most favored.

…Freckles are not precursors to cancer, like a mole can be. But, as one source in this story said, they are a sign that this is the best the skin can do to darken itself and protect you—a spotty effort. The skin between may be getting damaged.

…So wear sunblock. And realize the spots may attack even the highest. Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, as treated with some disdain. One source said it was because of her freckles.

…Personally, HA thinks a duchess should not flack for a diet outfit. But what does HA know. That’s probably those sarcastic freckles talking.

…They are sassy.

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