Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More testosterone?

…This is not a joke. Some men need more testosterone and some doctors have set up shop to pump it into them.

…Writing about this in the Phoenix Business Journal (May 9, 2008), Angela Gonzales talks about a Memphis doctor coming out here to cowboy up our men.

…The company is called Ageless Men’s Health.

…Men get a blood test to see what level of the hormone they have. Symptoms of low testosterone can be fatigue, mood swings, loss of muscle mass, increase in fat, and depression.

…This can result in the so-called male menopause of extreme crankiness.

….So the men need hormone replacement, some docs say. (That has such a good name in women.) One doctor in this story said whether it’s an iffy idea in men has not been tested yet.

…Testosterone can also affect the development of prostate cancer. Men have to be screened for that before getting the shots.

…At these clinics, men pay $250 a mo for screening and two injections a mo. Some insurance companies cover it.

…Some men also get angry and aggressive instead of undepressed. It would be helpful to know ahead---Happy or Hulky?

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