Monday, May 12, 2008

What, no maids, no nurses?

…In palmier days before her true destiny as a downscale woman played out, HA used to joke with a friend about how they would have maids and nurses to take care of their kids. The other woman got them, but HA must make do with articles like one she read in Domino (May 2008).

…Amusingly, Cynthia King checks out some rich women to see how they keep their houses so organized and families euphoric.

…At the first place, the woman, let’s call her X (Cynthia did), whipped up a tea tray with Sevres china and Earl Gray in 10 seconds.

…She claimed she could toss together a kid’s party in 15 minutes. She yanked open a drawer filled with designer napkins and a separate drawer for spoons only. (Dragging your good silver out from under the bed is stressful, she noted. HA’s good silver is the kind that doesn’t bend.)

…In her pantry, the foods she uses the most were toward the front (hardly an earthshaker).

…The second woman (Y) excused herself briefly to call a repairman for a leak that was ruining her entertainment system as they sat there. She has her numbers organized, she explained. But still—maybe turn off the water?

…She does keep petty cash in a drawer so the maid can buy things and for her husband and stuff.

…Have lots of what you need, Y explained cheerfully. She showed off a closet of wrapping paper in her signature colors.

…HA has that! Not a signature color, but wrapping paper left over from the adult child’s wrapping paper sales at parochial grade school.

…So what tips can we glean? Make a home bible of necessary numbers (the door hangers and business cards in the drawer don’t count).

…Make a list of food staples.

…Fill a drawer with petty cash. Ask everyone to leave receipts.

…Label the linen closet shelves (does that involve folding sheets?).

…And don’t forget to tell the maids and nurses where everything is. Saves so much time—and stress—you know.

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