Wednesday, May 21, 2008

When bunk beds attack

…When you stop to think of it, would you really—seriously—buy your little kid a bed five feet off the ground?

…Well, sure you would! HA could not wait to get her daughter bunk beds so her friends could sleep over. (Later HA also got day beds—like sleeping in a crib. HA is a bad bed buyer, clearly.)

…A nationwide Children’s Hospital Study to be published in June shows that kids and young adults (18-21) are involved in a wave of bunk bed mishaps.

…36,000 kids and YAs get hurt in bunk bed-relateds every year.

…The 18-21 year-olds get hurt twice as often as adolescents in the 14-17 group.

…College dorms, the military, even prison may be the reason.

…Males are most likely to be affected. Falls were the main cause of injury (duh).

…Little children tend to fall head first because of their center of gravity—not good.

…Make sure the beds have a guardrail with small gaps between of less than 3.5 inches.

…Use the proper size mattress.

…Don’t let kids under age 6 call the top bunk.

…And, HA, would add—no jumping!

…Or, what will happen? All together now: Someone will be cryin.’

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