Friday, May 09, 2008

Working while PG

…Two docs at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia Univ Med Center have addressed some questions women have about working while pregnant.

…Their advice is to plan ahead. Talk to your physician about any potentially troublesome signs or symptoms.

…This is especially important for the “elderly” Moms, over 35.

…First, you need to be able to schedule your doctor visits, work notwithstanding. Try for the lunch break (many docs take a lunch break, too, HA must point out).

…Forget the advice that seeing the dentist lets dangerous germs into the body—not true. You need dental hygiene. Avoid x-rays, though. Make sure the dentist knows you’re pregnant.

…If you have morning sickness, this can be (1) all day, (2) awkward in the workplace. Keep Saltines on hand, nibble. Overt vomiting at the conference room table—not so great.

…If you’re tired from insomnia, especially in the second and third trimesters, do your best to cut through the fogginess or pregnancy brain.

…Reduce caffeine. Maybe cut your coffee intake in half. Watch caff in soda and tea. A little won’t hurt ya.

…Eat healthy food—whole grains, fruit,veggies, protein, dairy. Watch the albacore and other fatty fish, which tend to absorb toxic metals in the ocean, notably mercury.

…You can exercise within the doctor’s instructions. You should, in fact! Be careful with stretching such as Pilates—your joints and ligaments are stretchier, you don’t want anything to pop.

…Traveling is OK, but you might schedule it mid-pregnancy, 14-28 weeks. Before you go, scout out local hospitals. Get up, walk around, drink plenty of fluids (but if you’re abroad, stick to bottled water).

…What if you get sick? Tylenol is usually safe. Check with the doctor.Stay away from the herbals. Many have not been tested on preggos (obvious reasons).

…Also—check out maternity benefits and policies well ahead of time.

…Those cravings? Unless they are for Twinkie sandwiches 3 times a day or something like that, you can indulge. HA remembers eating raisin bran with ice cream. Sure beat pickles.

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