Tuesday, May 13, 2008


…Rochelle Sharp writes in USA Today Weekend (May 9-11, 2008) that sleepy drivers are as dangerous as drunk ones.

…Driving while drowsy makes you three times likelier to have a wreck, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

…One in five crashes or near crashes are attributable to sleepiness.

…In 2002, Gallup found nearly 37% of drivers said they had fallen asleep at least once.

…Most of these events are at night, but mid-afternoon is also a sleepy time.

…Most sleepy drivers who get in accidents are young—under 30. The sleep deprived like shift workers of business travelers, are also at risk.

…Turning up the radio or rolling down the window don’t help. What does? Pulling over for a nap.

...You do know, don't you, that your eyes can be open but you are asleep?

...Many of us learned this during corporate meetings.

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