Friday, June 06, 2008

All gone--already?

…Writing in the AZ Republic (May 29, 2008), Cathryn Creno says you’re right—the Cheerios box is a little on the light side these days—a lot of products are being offered in the same size box, but you are getting less for your money.

…They call it “package shrink” (those word merchants).

…Ice cream cartons contain 1.5 quarts instead of 1.75.

…Soap is smaller.

…”Right Size, Right Price” is the General Mills cereal promo—meaning less cereal, more bucks, HA guesses they mean right for them, not us.

…Wrigley gum is going to contain 15 sticks, not 17.

…Shamrock Farms’s organic milk’s largest bottle is ¾ gallon, not one gallon.

…The price is for a gallon, though.

…For some people, the big discount places like Costco are the answer, but one woman said she was throwing out all the extra and buying smaller amounts locally was saving her money.

…A variation is the double strength detergents. They save the money on packaging. You have to be sure to put in half as much.

…To all this, HA says. “We are not dumb, we are not morons, but we are busy and we need to eat stuff, so straighten up. At least be honest.”

..The least they could do is put a banner on the package: "New smaller size.
Contents less likely to go stale."

...I know--HA has a rich fantasy life.


Onehealthpro said...

Truth in merchandising! What a novel idea!

Star Lawrence said...

Yeah, I know...I must have had brain fever when I typed that.

Star Lawrence said...

Today someone wrote to the paper and said the smaller cans and packages were screwing up her recipes, too.