Thursday, June 26, 2008

Do you ever forget your medical past?

…Connie Midey, writing in the Arizona Republic (June 24, 2008), talks
about preparing a medical packet.

…HA thinks all the time she must do this—must do it—always in future tense. For herself, for her mother.

…It is also good to do this for your kids, even the ones in college.

…HA knows of people who keep this on a memory stick, which supposedly ER docs could plug into a computer. HA has her doubts about that happening, but it’s a nice idea.

…Your packet should contain meds you are taking, allergies, blood type, emergency contacts, living will, medical power of attorney, insurance info and anything else you can think of. Also mention any big condition you have such as heart disease or diabetes.

…If it’s a notebook—mark it with a big Red Cross. The idea is that paramedics may scoop it up.

…One hospital here in AZ distributes a big old yellow envelope for this info. There is a matching sticker for the fridge door—assuming paramedics would look there.

…At very least, you can take this with you to the ER if you are going consciously. Whether emergency personnel would find it is, to HA, questionable.

….Have you tried anything like this? Share! HA really must get to it.


twobuyfour said...

I've moved a lot in my life and have always found myself in a doctor/dentist/optometrist office trying very hard to remember what my previous doctor had told me, years prior. I frequently rely on my parents to remember what I'm allergic to! How's that for practical?

twobuyfour said...

You also call to mind Patrick Swayze in Road House, carrying around his medical history in a file in his car's trunk. I guess he knew what was going on.

Star Lawrence said...

You sound like me! I have myself with all my medical weirdness and also my mother, who is 90. And we sit there and think, "Why are we at the doctor--why did we come last time?" Great comment about Patrick--but in that movie he knew he was headed to the ER at some point.

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Star Lawrence said...

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