Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Double trouble

…Don Mueller, PhD, is a physicist who enjoys enlightening people about issues in science and health.

…To create new neural pathways and have a few laffs, he taught himself to play tennis with two hands at the same time.

…Check out: http://drbonesshow.com/links/ambidextrous-tennis.html.

…He even serves with a racket in each hand. He tosses the ball with one, he told HA, then delivers it with the other.

…He has at least one fan, who writes: “So cool!” The player said she tried it and it was extra weight (second racket) but no more than a newer, heavier racket would be.

…He also calls this "two forehand tennis"—easier on the elbows, he maintains.

…If anyone tries it, check back in and let us know how it went, OK? HA’s tennis days are behind her.

…Way back there someplace, her family had a court and people wore white and drank spritzers after from a silver salver.

…Oh, forget the salver. She made that up.

…Also, HA is pretty sure there are rules about how many rackets you can use—so this is just a retrain your brain thing unless you can get your partners to bring a second racket.

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