Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How sweet life can be

…HA loves a book called Candy and Me (A Love Story) by Hilary Liftin. Enter “candy and me” on

…Liftin, whom HA once interviewed, tells her life story through the deeply meaningful candy she discovered and enjoyed along the way.

…Associated Press’s Martha Irvine is also writing about candy during our little recession here. People are staying home, clipping coupons, chasing discounts—but still having their candy.

…Americans buy billions of dollars worth of candy a year. Candy, left’s face it, is a cheap vice.

…In fact, it’s considered recession-proof.

…Gas tanks, $100. Candy bar, one buck.

…In the Depression, candy was jokingly compared to real food. There was a bar named Chicken Dinner.

…Often people buy candy at the gas station, though, so sales are down. The big candymakers are consolidating.

…Remember Root Beer Barrels and orange slices? Those peanuts that tasted like banana?

…Liftin’s favorite is Bottle Caps—her husband even put her engagement ring in a box. And there was 15 lbs of candy on each table at their wedding.

…She once told HA she was worried about having kids and dealing with Halloween. Could she do it?

…Hope the little tykes are strong or Mom is getting that bag.

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