Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I never eat. You?

…Writing in Allure (April 2008), Rory Evans explores the phenom of women who won’t order “fattening” food if anyone else at the table is ordering a low-cal entrée.

…HA’s mother used to do this before she sort of lost the thread to dementia—she would pointedly order something low-cal so that HA would somehow follow suit. HA's mother would not eat bread or meat. So of course, HA always got a steak sandwich.

…But apparently, not everyone is such a crazed rebel.

…Evans talks about women who all order the chicken Caesar with dressing back because each is afraid to select something more caloric and appear to be the “fatty,” as one gal charmingly put it.

…If one woman picks and leaves the potatoes behind, chances are all the women at the table will do the same.

…It is no accident, Evans says, that the last piece of anything—cake, for instance—is called “the old maid’s portion.” If you snag it, you are doomed to Sudoku for life.

…Hunger has nothing to do with it. Even if they fasted (in a study), women who had not eaten would pick if their girlfriends were not digging in.

…Care to guess what happened after these dainty meals? The women went home and grazed through everything in the house.

…The best story was of two fashion editors side by side in a plane to Europe. When one did not eat the airline meals, the other also waved it off. The funniest thing, though—each did it because the other did. They were both hungry!

…A recent study showed that women with an overweight friend, even if they don’t live in the same city, tend to be more accepting of their own added pounds. But this can work the opposite way, too—if one friend goes on a diet, the other will.

…Remember this if you're watching to see if your friends order a Cosmo or ask for the dessert cart: Monkey see, monkey do.

…One banana won’t kill ya.

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