Tuesday, June 17, 2008

May not be a romp in the park

…HA has a confession to make. She loves those small claims court shows—Alex, Joe and Judy.

…Several times, recently, the cases have centered around a dog let loose in a dog park and attacking or being attacked—and potentially endangering humans nearby.

…Writing in the Arizona Republic (June 14, 2008), Chelsea Schneider says taking your dog to the run-free park takes some planning.

…She quotes a dog trainer saying some dogs don’t want to be around other dogs, despite what you have heard about their propensity to run in a pack. They are picky about packs!

…Puppies, especially, should not be taken off the leash and shoved in the park.

…Even if your dog is fine around other dogs at home, the park might be a different story.

….If your dog looks stressed, the trainer said, he or she might not be dog park material. One little cocker took a look at the other dogs and took off running, followed by 20 dogs chasing. How would you like that?

…Also dog parks are no substitute for a regular walk or structured exercise. “They are Disneyland,” the trainer said. You don’t go to Disneyland every day.

…Seriously, do you think Judge Alex is kind of cute?

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