Friday, June 27, 2008

Older women and yoga

….HA is officially the Tin Woman some days. Yet, in the Wayback, she did yoga six times a week (the swami was very cute, oh, shut up, she knew he was a swami).

…Jeannine Stein, LA Times, Apr 14, 2006, writes about a small study at Temple that looked into whether a nine-week Iyengar yoga ( regimen could benefit women over 65.

…Twenty-four women participated and the research showed an increase in their walking speed from 1.04 meters per second to 1.09. Stride lengths went from 1.11 meters to 1.16 meters on the left foot…oh, whatEVER, what is with the metric system all the time?...stride lengthened a measurable amount.

…More importantly, range of motion improved and the women could stand on one foot longer, meaning balance had improved.

…All this contributes to preventing falls. A lot of people HA knows are toppling over these days.

…Maybe some yoga? Depends on how cute the swami is.

…HA freely admits headstands are now out.


Harry said...

Hey Lawrence,

Great to read this and thanks for the link. Yes buddy yoga gives us healthy life It is better to practice from childhood.


Star Lawrence said...

Who are you guys--Harry? John?