Thursday, June 19, 2008

Outside! Why didn't anyone think of this before?

…Alana Samuels, LA Times (June 18, 2008), says people are broke, gyms and gas are expensive—and oh, what to do?

…Some people have come up with the idea of hiking or exercising in the park.

…Out LA way, anyhow, there are even free yoga classes in the park—or tai chi.

…A lot of trainers say people have bid them adieu—the industry is hurting.

…The writers strike also dampened the exercise ardor in H’wood.

…If you still like the gym, see if they are dealing. Many are lowering fees.

…The (pumping) irony is people are more stressed economically and when you are stressed, exercise helps.

…Also people are walking or biking more—making the treadmill less necessary.

…Anyway, said one hiker, this way you can see new things every day.

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