Monday, June 16, 2008

Recession forcing nurses back to work

…A few years ago, all we heard about was the coming nurse shortage. The nurses were retiring, hospitals would have to close, and so on.

…Now, with food and gas prices soaring, nurses are coming out of retirement or getting more shifts, according to Conor Dougherty (WSJ, May 7, 2008).

…Still, nursing schools have limited capacity and are turning people away. Analysts say if the economy picks up, nurses will disappear again.

…For now, hospitals are offering bonuses, recruiting overseas, and letting nurses write their own tickets.

…Hospitals also organized lift teams, so older nurses don’t have to horse patients around and injure themselves.

…If you are a nurse thinking of getting refresher training or a person thinking of entering the field, make sure your school is accredited. Many fly-by-nighters are willing to take your borrowed money, but then you can’t get a job.

…One hospital said a recent grad of one of these could not even put on a Band-Aid.

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PRN Funding said...

I think it's interesting to note that during an economic downturn when most of the workforce is battling lay-offs, and newcomers are having a hard time finding a job, nurses have a completely different outlook. Nurses actually have an easy time going back to work.

The Wall Street Journal had an article called: "Slowdown's Side Effect: More Nurses" that described this economic reversal. It was really interesting.