Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Scientists do the unlikeliest things

…Chris Morgan, McClatchy Newspapers, says scientists have discovered that alligator blood kills bacteria, including some resistant kinds.

….Researchers at LSU and McNeese State Univ say it will take years to prove out, but that “gator aid,” as they called it (heh), might be OK for human use.

…Something has kept these guys alive for 80 million years. Could be it be a grrr-eat
immune system?

…Alligators lead a violent lifestyle, ripping parts off each other creating wounds that could then become infected. Supposedly, this has helped rather than hurt them—made them stronger, in other words.

…Do not try this limb ripping thing at home—this is alligators we’re talking about.

…HA was a little insulted to see the author of this saw fit to inform us that we could not set up gator-to-guy transfusions and that crocodilian peptides would be studied and perhaps synthesized.

…Good to know. HA was visualizing two cots side by side, one kinda wet and muddy.

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