Thursday, June 05, 2008

Splish splash

…HA is a quickie person--two short showers a day. Living in Sweat City, USA (Phoenix), you need to rinse but also to conserve the old haitch-2-oh.

…In the April issue of Allure, we learn that 22% of American women hop in twice a day.

…27% of men do.

…The first bathtub was excavated on Crete in 1700 BC.

…By two centuries before Christ, there were 5 bath houses per block in Rome.

…When Rome fell 600 years later, bathing decreased all over Europe (no jokes, we are friends with them now).

…In 1927, in the US, cleanliness began to be pushed in schools.

…92% of people say they wash their hands after using the john, but only 77% do.

…And 2% have obsessive compulsive disorder and don’t stop washing.

…Since 2002, hand sanitizer sales have tripled almost.

…Only 60% of people change their undies everyday. OK—TMI, sorry, HA just reports, not judges, but ewwww.

…It takes eight hours for skin to recover moisture after soap is used.

…60% of women prefer a long shot shower to TV (sure, the kids are near the TV).

…In 1907, came deodorant. And our lives were changed forever. At least on the subway.

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