Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Stick it to ya

…HA’s favorite bumpersticker is: My other ride is your Mom.

…She laughs every time.

…Writing in the Washington Post, Shankar Vedantam says they did a study at Colorado State showing that bumperstickers, vanity plates, and other “territorial markers” can denote a driver who is likely to to respond to slowness or bad signals with tailgating, honking, and other road rage approaches.

…Recently, out here, a pregnant woman driving with a guy got furious with an older woman in the car with her grandkids, followed them, and the guy shot the grandmother dead and injured the kids.

…Strangely, even the nice stickers—World Peace, My Kid is an Honor Student—denote territorial intentions and can signal trouble.

…People with no visible markers on their cars still fume, but the researchers found they did not tend to act up or you know, murder people.

…HA guesses the stickers are saying, “Look at me. I have opinions. I demand respect and obedience.”

…When they don’t get the above (and who does?), Wham!

…Probably “My other ride is your Mom” might even be a tad in-your-face.

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