Monday, June 23, 2008

Wacky quackies

…Writing on, Justin Blum says the FDA has told 25 companies and people to stop making fraudulent claims for their pills, teas, salves, and creams to
”cure” cancer or other ailments.

…Herb Time of St. Augustine and Ageless Cures of Houston were among the companies cautioned.

…The big danger is not that these weird herbs and shark innards and other substances don’t work (they don't), but that using them will cause people to forgo more effective approaches.

…There have been no deaths or injuries from the 125 products covered by the warning letters—the FDA is “just sayin.’”

…BUT—these products also have not been FDA-approved. If the companies don’t comply, the stuff could be seized and the owners prosecuted.

…In one example, a skin cream (P.D.Q.) was advertised for skin cancer—with the claim, No Failures. Apparently, the makers claimed the cream upped the immune system to dissolve the skin cancer.

…Another, C-Herb, also supposedly removed cancers and warts. AND warts?

…Now—HA wants to know—what the heck are those little pads you put on the bottom of your feet and they turn all black? She has socks that do that.


Onehealthpro said...

Interesting the FDA is all over these issues, but drugs that aren't safe and are FDA approved make it into the marketplace.

Anonymous said...

Interesting and darn ironical!