Thursday, June 12, 2008

What you can do with this paper

……On Trisha Torrey’s blog, Every Patient’s Advocate (, HA learned about a program being offered to doctors by a company called Medical Justice.

…These geniuses like to call it “a vaccine against libel.” HA likes to call it blackmail or censorship. Don’t sign, don’t see the doc.

…The way it works is patients sign a form promising not to make any comments on any website—good or bad—about their experiences with a doctor. Presumably this includes those many, many doc-rating websites.

…Why a doctor would need this company to do this, HA has no idea.

…They are hazy on what will happen to the patient if he or she does make observations about medical care they received, but the company seems to be telling docs this will protect them against patients who can go to urls and type things.

…Would you sign this? Isn’t all that HIPAA blather enough?

…Oh, people will sign.

…HA goes to doctors’ offices all the time where everyone sits there passively waiting for the healer to usher them in. They probably don’t go to blogs, most of them. Recently, a person passed off a questionable doctor action to HA with, “They are the professionals.”

…Hard to fight that system. But HA will never sign. To her, this is like giving all the blood in her body. Bad idea.

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