Wednesday, June 11, 2008

With fava beans and a nice you-know-what

…Gary Allen is a foodie. He loves food. Cooks it. Writes about it. And has the coolest monthly newsletter of food sites you can get (drop him a note at

…But his little nephews like to tell their friends he’s a cannibal. They they run away.

…Gary is not a cannibal, but he has spent many hours musing on the language and customs of man-eat-man.

…And now, he and Ken Albala have published an anthology of cannibal lit they call Human Cuisine. Check out:

…Like most taboos, this one has been deeply embedded in the language and folklore of every culture. HA particularly likes the pair's rundown on language.

…We no longer tear into our enemies with our teeth (most of us) or try to swallow their essence or bravery. Instead we “roast” them, “rake them over the coals,” and “lambaste” them.

…People are left to “stew in their own juices,” “fry in their own grease,” or become “dead meat.”

…In trouble? You are in “hot water.” Or someone may make mincemeat of ya or have you for breakfast.

…This is the tamer stuff from the book. How far you go with this depends on your “tastes,” but way to go, Gary—at least you got this done! To a turn.

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