Tuesday, June 24, 2008


…Each year, 50 people are—literally—struck my lightning. Killed!

…Summer is instant death time. There are more thunderstorms and people are outside more.

…Even if you survive a lightning strike, it’s like being a little electrocuted—you can have chronic pain, brain injury, and mental problems. Oh—and sleep disorders, memory loss, numbness, dizziness, stiff joints, depression and the inability to sit for long.

…Do you know what to do if you are out in a lightning storm? A quarter of those struck were under a tree—so don’t go there. Another quarter were near water—so get away from water.

…Lightning can also be tricky—it can strike far from where you see rain coming down.

…The rule is: When thunder roars—go indoors.

…If you are outside, try to locate a building nearby.

..If you can’t find a building, find a hardtopped car, bus or truck.

…Keep away from non-cell phones, computers and video games.

…Lightning comes snaking in on a phone line sometimes. Or the cable.

…When the lightning subsides wait 30 minutes before resuming your activities or going home.

…For some reason, people often get hit my lightning more than once in a lifetime. Makes ya think.

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