Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Befriend a farmer today

…HA loves farmers’ markets, even though she hates cooking. They smell earthy and interesting.

…Ashley M Rueff, writing in the Arizona Republic (July 11, 2008), talks about community-supported agricultural programs.

…These are nearby farms that are “owned” by consumers. The farmers sell shares to families. One had 225 members, another almost 1,000. Each family pays $25 a week for the farmer to plant, grow and harvest.

…The downside (for some) is that you have to eat what “your” farm produces for weeks at a time. It takes creativity, one member said, to do things with all the eggplants and radishes.

…HA still thinks a trip to the farmers market might also be good—to save money and get fresh eats.

…A hundred bucks a month for say four months…isn’t that a lot of lettuce, so to speak?

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