Monday, July 21, 2008

Don't feel the power

…Ah, gangsters and chain saws…what a match.

…But, yes, power tools are dangerous, despite the home improvement shows depicting hunks casually passing wood into saws or spranging walls with a nail gun while flirting with the interior designer.

…Dr Tedd Mitchell (as he likes to be called) writing in USA Today Weekend
(June 27, 2008), tells a pretty undetailed “personal” story of rushing into a tree cutting job as a kid and “ending up with chain saw cuts on both legs.”

…Yup, gotta respect power tools.

…First, he recommends, maintain tools properly. Make sure they aren’t broken.

…Use only attachments provided by the manufacturer.

…Never remove the safety guard.

…Store power tools in locked cabinets.

…Concentrate on what you are doing (no flirting).

…Point the sharp edge away from your body.

…HA thinks a little lesson on use from someone at Home Depot would be good or go on the internet for tips. (Check out that picture—don’t do that.)

…A finger, much less a hand, is a terrible thing to lose.

…PS Also wear shoes while using the power mower.

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