Thursday, July 24, 2008

Economy good for shrinks

…HA sometimes gets so freaky over this weird economy and creepy election, she feels like she needs to lie down—on a couch. At night, she counts dollar bills jumping over a fence every time the air conditioner cuts on.

…Marilyn Elias, USA Today, says Americans’ mental health is indeed suffering right now.

…Demands to see a therapist are up 20%.

…Hair-trigger tempers, spousal abuse, insomnia, petty ailments abound.

…People want to retire and now can’t. A third of those who do seek therapy cite the economy as the reason.

…Experts advise setting aside a time to worry…but this can be easier said than done.

…And to HA, the problem is, will a new president solve anything? Or will we worrying about how that didn’t solve anything?

…What do you think, readers? Should we take a gallon of Prozac and hope for the best?

…Or just cowboy up and take ‘er one day, or half day, at a time.

…(You knew HA would never let you take that Prozac, right?)

…HA recommends escape. She personally likes books on CD (see for some reviews and recommendations). They can zip you right into another world.

…And sometimes put you to sleep, too.

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