Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hard times in Surf City

…We have talked about how high gym fees are driving people to exercise out on the free hiking trails.

…Now, Gilliam Flaccus, Associated Press, says surfers can’t afford to drive to the beach.

…Air fares to follow the waves are also becoming prohibitive. Bookings to such locales as Sumatra are way down.

…Even surfboards contain petroleum products. Almost everything does. Some boards have doubled in cost to $750 or more.

…This used to be one of the fastest-growing sports. But now, surf shops are down a third, with smaller, family-owned operations wiping out sooner.

…Even the biggies may have to raise prices because of the cost of producing boards even in such places as Thailand.

….But surfers are a resourceful lot—now they “surf” the internet to see (via webcams) what the waves are like. They used to drive around, of course, looking for big sets.

…Check out Even if you can’t afford to ride, you can look at the water and see what’s firing.

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