Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Helping school keep your kid alive

…Writing in the East Valley Trib (July 5, 2008), Christina Vanoverbeke talks about a Chandler AZ woman, who wants her kid to return from school alive. He is extremely allergic to certain foods.

…She worries because her son is the quiet type and might not ask for help if his air cut off.

…She and some other parents formed the Phoenix Food Allergy Network to advocate for better school guidelines on watching out for allergic youngsters.

…At present, 2.2 million kids suffer from these dangerous conditions and the numbers are rising (docs are not sure why).

…There was a bill in the AZ state legislature to require schools to do guidelines and also to train personnel to administer life-saving epinephrine shots.. The bill failed, but the resolve remained.

…The group then turned to the state to do a book of guidelines. School nurses got the book in the fall.

…At the national level, Senator Chris Dodd’s daughter has such allergies and he is sponsoring S. 1232. A similar bill has already passed the House.

…At the local level—maybe similarly to what is happening at your locality—the jurisdictions are working out plans to be compatible with one another.

…Check out www.phoenixallergynetwork.org.

…Some kids are so allergic to peanuts, for instance, that touching a handrail where a sticky kid has left peanut butter smears can almost kill them.

…Oh, and one important factor—Tell the school if your kid is allergic. This is vital.


natural weight loss dietary supplements said...

Many school districts work hard to provide our kids with quality health resources but as parents we must help schools indeed.

Star Lawrence said...

Yup---and due to budget constraints, school nurses are being phased out of many schools.