Thursday, July 03, 2008

New wrinkles in botox

…Are you one of The Frozen?

….Botulism in your burger—bad. Botulin in your face—good?

…Jane Brody (NYT, July 1, 2008) says even the mildest medicines (which does not include deadly toxins) can have side effects—and thus botox is now exhibiting some, too.

…This stuff weakens muscles—if you eat it, it can weaken the breathing muscles—uh-oh.

…It was first deliberately put into people in the 1970s to relax strabismus, an eye disorder that causes double vision. Since then, it has eased tensed or spasmed muscles in many bodily locations and can even ease migraines.

…Then someone noticed that the relaxed eye muscles were accompanied by relaxed lines between the eyes.

…The FDA does look at adverse effects reports on this—most of which come from the medical, not cosmetic, uses. But these are submitted voluntarily and don’t differentiate between poor technique, wrong dose, or a hazard of the drug itself.

…It has long been known that the toxin can get to adjacent muscles and make eyes droop, for instance. But now some reports of pneumonia or swallowing difficulties have surfaced.

….As HA has advised before, don’t stick poison in yourself without careful consideration.

…Then think some more.

…Oh, and by the way, how come doctors have a fit if you don’t lose weight or gain it back, but don’t care if you get all wrinkly again—isn’t it all repeat business?

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