Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Splat--at least we're saving on crate washing

…HA lives almost next door to Wal-Mart, truth be told. And now it’s getting a food section. Or will have one in a year or so. Will she remain loyal to her “old” store?

…Maybe…if what they say about Wal-Mart milk jugs is true. Wallies and Costco have gone to a different bottle and people are not charmed.

…In a story by Stephanie Rosenblood in the NYT (June 30, 2008), one interviewee said she HATED the thing.

…It spills everywhere, said another.

…Kids can’t pour.

…Apparently whether these stack well in the factory is not compelling to customers.

…Where is my old milk? I want my old milk! People are having a fit, according to this story.

…One store gave out cookies to get the people to try it. Many had to leave it on the table and tip it toward the cup.

…One woman liked the “fridge fit” (it went in the door).

…Jug-makers say eliminating water and soap bills to wash milk crates needed to stabilize the rounded jugs results in huge savings. The process is also quicker—from cow to shelf.

…Have you tried one?

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