Wednesday, July 30, 2008


…The first thing HA says to pack is FOOD! She was stuck in Spain once in a hotel with no room service, sick, and all she had was her peanut butter crackers. Sure came in handy!

…Real Simple has some other no doubt advertiser-fueled suggestions. First, has a travel kit for $48 that replicates a good hotel. A hook to hand on the door, a mirror, mesh pockets..HA really has no idea why you need these things. You will be eating the crackers.

… has products for a facial—all those countries sliding underneath you are so drying. Bring olive oil, soap, cream. Creamy. You won’t even smell like a salad.

…A glossing kit. Never go anywhere unglossed. Frederick Fekkair on Sephora is all about the glossing. Not to be confused with flossing—bring that, too, though.

…In packing, burp your bottles. This is plastic bottles. Open, give a little squeeze and clap the cap back on.

…Wrap glass perfume bottles in shoes—shoes aren’t just for feet anymore. Put plastic wrap over the opening of shampoo and other gooeys, then cap. Be extra careful with self-tanners—they stain like mad.

…Remember, under security rules, you only get a one-quart, resealable bag..and no more than 3 oz of anything inside it.

…Don’t forget those teenies in the drugstore—those sample size or travel size bottles.

...Crackers, people! Travel smart.

...Any other ideas?

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