Friday, July 25, 2008

Pisces pedi

….Ack, new trend. Letting fish eat the dead skin off your feet. Apparently, this started in Turkey (where they may be a little bored).

…HA used to go to a lake every summer—it felt really weird when the translucent, gray minnows nibbled her toes.

…Now you can pay for this.

…At one salon in Virginia, 5,000 people have had their toes “attended to” so far.

…The fish are known as “doctor fish” (garra rufa).

…Women are raving. Calluses—gone completely!

…After the fish nibble, the operator rubs off the rough spots. About 100 fish attack, er, groom, each time.

….HA can think of some great maggot and pirhana jokes, but will spare you.

…HA’s dog Jim licks the shower water off HA’s legs. Does that count for animal-assisted hygiene?


Nancy McKeithen said...


This is WAY COOL! Where do you find this stuff?

Star Lawrence said...

Hah! I have friends...