Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Row, row, splash

…The Red Cross says if you plan to go out on a boat, learn to swim. This is good advice, although many sailors of yore figured swimming would not help them much way out on the sea and never learned. Don’t be retro.

…The Red Cross has swimming lessons—HA's kid took them. Everyone has.

…Alcohol and boating don’t mix any more than driving and drinking do. Yet, people do it. Half of drownings are booze-involved.

…Use Coast Guard-approved life jackets—there will be a label. Kids must always wear one!

…Tell people where you are going—a float plan. Be sure to say how long you think you will be gone.

…Take a boating course. You paid too much for that boat—not to mention your family—to lose it. The RC gives lessons, as do the US Power Squadron, Coast Guard Auxiliary, and US Sailing.

…Watch the weather. Electrical storms and boats—not so much. Pull in lee of the shore if you can when lightning strikes.

…And out here in AZ and elsewhere, don’t swim up under houseboats where carbon monoxide may be insidiously collecting under the lip of the boat. People die from that.

…Regularly. All the time. Dead as anything.

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